Air-Source Heat Pump

This year will be big for ASHPs as the Government will begin to release ECO4 and the ASHP £5,000 funding around July-time.

It's time to read up on them now, what they are and whether you might be able to get one right now.

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How does an air-source heat pump work?

Air-Source Heat Pumps work by drawing in moisture from the air and condensing it. This then runs through to a heat exchanger which transfers the heat to the radiators and provides hot water.

The air outside doesn't have to be warm, ASHPs work down to -20 degree temperatures so you never need to worry about going without heat in the UK.

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Why should I get an air-source heat pump?

Air-Source Heat Pumps may be an efficient way to reduce your energy bills. We'd recommend making sure that your insulation is also up to scratch.

With gas boilers on the way out by 2025, having a renewable system now will future-proof you going forward. If any of your system needs updating, this would be the time to do it.

We at Broad Oak only install Mitsubishi systems, the market leaders on the best air-source heat pumps. 

For the last six years, we have been installing heat pumps across the Midlands for private clients and for local councils. With ECO4, we're now able to expand that distance and upgrade your inefficient heating system.

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