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Air-Source Heat Pump

An Air-Source Heat Pump is a perfect way to reduce your bills if you don't have a gas connection in your property. This fully electric system pairs nicely with solar panels and works well for a small-medium size home.

Why have an Air-Source Heat Pump installed?

What is an Air-Source Heat Pump?

An Air-Source Heat Pump is a type of renewable central heating that is powered by electric and is generally supported with solar PV. It sits outside the property and draws air in.


How does it work?

It draws in air, condensing it, heating it and providing warmth to a home. Pipes are installed which carry hot water through them which is stored in a water tank. When hot water or heating is needed, it is distributed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've seen news articles that say they aren't very good...

We've seen those articles too, however, there are a lot more that say they are much better than gas or any other heating source. While the initial cost is high, they are perfect for those who are looking for an investment or to simply lower their heating bill. It will raise the value of the property, increase the energy performance certificate and future proof your home.

Is there a point in replacing my existing system?

Yes- with gas being a limited resource, it's only a matter of time before the price increases further. Get ahead of the crowd, take advantage of a grant and install one now to get the most benefit.

Will you have to replace the existing pipework?

Yes- the pipes that are used in an air-source heat pump are larger than a regular gas system. They will be installed as part of the installation cost.

Why Choose Broad Oak?

We are fully accredited installers with MCS and have been installing air-source and ground-source heat pumps for 10 years. 

We are a family-run, local business. We have grown into one of the largest renewable installers in Staffordshire.

We offer a consultation and a full technical survey free of charge. We'll advise on the best products and systems for your home.

We only use the best brands including Mitsubishi and Samsung so you can be confident in the product.

We have been providing ECO funding since the scheme started in 2013. We are experts in making sure you get as much funding as possible.

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