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Solar PV

Solar PV is the best way to save money on your energy bill. By upgrading your heating system using a renewable energy source, you can generate your own electricity and do your bit for the planet.

Why have Solar PV installed?


What is Solar PV?

A solar PV system is made up of solar panels. The solar panels generate electricity which can be used for any electric appliances in the home.

How does it work?

Solar PV panels have a top layer of conductive silicon. When light hits the panel, a flow of electricity is created. This power is inverted from DC to AC which can then be used in the home to power the home and its electric appliances. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I own the panels?

Yes- you will own the panels directly. You're not renting out roof space to have them on.

What brand do you install?

We supply and install JA Solar and UKSol panels. JA Solar are the panels that local councils recommend. We are a trusted installer of UKSol panels.

Do they need to be in direct sunlight to work?

No, the panels can be on any facing roof and they don't have to be in direct sunlight to work. The panels that we use are Tier 1 and are designed specifically for the UK climate.

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Why Choose Broad Oak?

We are fully accredited installers with MCS and have been installing solar PV systems for 10 years. 

We are a family-run, local business. We have grown into one of the largest renewable installers in Staffordshire.

We offer a consultation and a full technical survey free of charge. We'll advise on the best products and systems for your home.

We only use the best Tier 1 panels that have a 25-year guarantee and if you have a battery installed with it, it'll also have a 10-year guarantee.

We are GivEnergy accredited installers and we're ready to install their Gen 2 battery storage.

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Extra Ways to Save with Solar

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a Government backed initiative to allow those with renewable heating systems to get paid for the excess electricity they send back to the grid.



Solar Battery Storage

If you generate extra electricity with your new solar system, you can also have a solar battery installed. This will save your excess power to use in the evening and nighttime.


Cheaper Tariffs

Alongside a new solar battery system, energy companies can provide different tariffs to further reduce your energy bill. This includes a similar tariff to Economy 7 where your solar battery can be charged at a cheap rate to then be used throughout the day.


Mr and Mrs Jones had electric storage heaters and wanted to install Solar PV to reduce their electricity bills, particularly in the winter.

Their annual estimated electricity consumption was approximately 9000kwh and wanted a system to support this as much as possible.

We recommended and installed 14 panels (5.67kw) on the south-facing roof of their dormer bungalow which was projected to generate 4871kwh of electricity per year.

We projected that due to their time of occupancy they would consume approximately 50% and send 50% back to the grid under the Secure Energy Guarantee scheme (SEG). This has allowed them to be paid 5p per kwh they sent back with their current energy provider.

In total, their savings, based on electricity priced at 30p kwh, is £730.50 per year.

Sounds good?
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