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Loft Insulation

The standard for loft insulation is always improving. A lot of people may find that their loft insulation is now lacking. If you have under 100mm of insulation in your home, it'd be recommended to get it increased to 270mm. 

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Why Loft Insulation?

Loft insulation is a cheap and easy way to stop heat from escaping through the roof. 33% of your heat loss can be prevented through having a suitable amount of loft insulation. 

If you've had your loft "done" years ago, it's probably time to replace or increase the amount of insulation you have. Even if it doesn't feel like there's any heat escaping, it'd never hurt to top it up.

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We won't just roll down loft insulation- to ensure that your loft is still breathable and to prevent any damp and mould problems, we'll install trickle vents into the kitchen and bathroom as part of an ECO installation.

This will ensure that there is good airflow throughout the property, making sure that there will be no problems with your brand-new loft insulation.

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